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Secret Garden Mural

29 Pieces, Trust for Public Land, Texas Trees Foundation, Dallas ISD 10 Minute Walk Project ask me to create a mural inspired by drawings created by elementary students.

We ask them to imagine how their secret garden will look and use their dawings for inspiration. 

For this mural I wanted to make sure I represented each grade through their inspirational drawings, As I looked at their drawings I imagined the children making them, every one of them filling their blank pages with their imagination, creating their unique worlds, the same way I did when I was little. I wanted this to become the interconnecting thread of the mural, I wanted the children to become co-protagonists of this story, specifically, I wanted to show the connection between the children, their imagination, and nature.

Screen Shot 2022-01-17 at 7.08.06 PM.png

In the mural you will see:
Elements that represent each of the seven grades
And The children connect with nature, as we watch how nature comes to life through their imagination  


I want this mural to allow the viewer to step into a unique natural world that comes directly from the children's minds/imaginations.


This mural is dedicated to Virginia Escalante, a devoted school volunteer and PTA treasurer who died of the coronavirus. At the center of the fantastical rendering of children climbing out of clouds and trees is an image of the smiling Escalante.

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