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Objective: To celebrate the rich history of Black innovation and achievement, we’re spotlighting the amazing accomplishments of 8 trailblazers that have truly changed the way we live. 

Role: Senior Art Direction, Illustrations, and creative concepts. 

Team: Roneka Patterson, Alex Pierce, and Dennis Heidebrink.

BHM_2021_SocialPost 2 image 4.jpg
BHM_2021_SocialPost 3 image 3.jpg
BHM_2021_SocialPost 2 image 2.jpg
BHM_2021_SocialPost 2 image 1.jpg
BHM_2021_SocialPost 2 image 3.jpg
BHM_2021_SocialPost 3 image 4.jpg
BHM_2021_SocialPost 3 image 1.jpg
BHM_2021_SocialPost 3 image 2.jpg
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