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Just say “Hey Google”

Google Assistant (GA) is Google's voice assistant.

I have been working with GA for the past 3 years, collaborating closely with designers, writers, strategists, developers, and other partners to create an innovative newsletter program. This program successfully reached 29 million US users and 9 million users in 13 international markets. The content was designed to keep them informed and inspired by showing how their GA can help make life easier, more productive, and enjoyable. 

My responsibilities are to co-leading and design responsive emails and experiences, brand materials, template libraries, wireframes, prototyping, concepting, illustration, animation, mentorship, estimates, and resources.


Jessica Keller – creative director, Chris White – creative director, Marlo Habid – associate creative director, Hettie Zhang - associate creative director,   Erick Olson - associate creative director,   Russel Deleon, Johnatan Correl,   Jon Fang, Greta Mueller, Daniel Rix.


Showing the user how to use Assistant even when their phones where locked

Project Iris showcases how users can use their Google Assistant, even when their phone is locked and their hands are full. This email helps detail how users can do things like use their voice to make calls set timers or alarms and play music, hands-free and without needing to be right next to their mobile device.




This email performed great, with a 6.44% of DAU this means that we had more daily active users when this email was sent, 6% more, and in email languages this is huge. 

Project_Iris_Calling_animation (1).gif
Sketch-1 copy 2.jpg

New Year's Resolutions 

The main focus of this campaign is to inform users how Assistant can help them with their plans for 2022. Whether they are trying to stick to a resolution, save more money or work on their well-being, Assistant has features that can help. When a user sees the email we want them to open it and ultimately try one of the suggested features to build a long-term habit.





6 different segments:

1. Casual Phone
2. Advanced Phone 
3. Speakers and/or Smart Display
4. Multiple Speakers
5. Smart Display
6. Google TV


Answers Activation Progress Flow 

The purpose was to develop two new flows focusing on the Answers vertical that look to improve the way Answers is presented to current and new users and increase their motivation for usage.

Flow 1: Suggestions Hypothesis


If users experience how Assistant can streamline search navigation between multiple apps and quickly present answers all within the app, then users will be more likely to rely on Assistant when needing to answer everyday questions. 

Content Aproach:

Walk users through a variety of helpful, everyday queries that highlight Assistant’s ability to search multiple apps and provide answers all in one place.

Strategic priorities:

  1. Include various everyday queries within the Answers vertical.

  2. Ensure the user sees various app logos on all screens to visually reinforce the hypothesis.


Flow 2: Newbie Hypothesis


If users are able to visualize themselves using Assistant and see everyday queries come to life, then they will be more likely to remember and repeat searches.

Content Approach:

Using everyday categories, introduce various queries that Assistant answers in an exploratory, visually-engaging format.

Strategic priorities:

  1. Include various everyday queries within the Answers vertical.

  2. Utilize automatic “scrolling” to increase engagement and encourage flow completion.

  3. Utilize a compelling user journey to tie queries together.


Show Assistant's true protencial

The purpose of this initiative was twofold: to engage users who had already experienced the core value prop for the first time, and to reach out to those who had yet to experience it. Our goal was to introduce them all to our product's true potential so that they could benefit from its features.


New Email redesign

The ask: Refresh the Assistant email program to increase reader engagement.

We developed a refreshed newsletter strategy to reinvigorate the Assistant email program and increase reader engagement


Modules Design

Interactive CTA to streamline the process of getting users to subscribe to our newsletter in the WIE.

Interactive CTA experience

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