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Happy Thoughts

"Happy Thoughts" is the name for the Art installation I created for Array at Soluna Festival, Array was a multi sensory art experience, with visual art installations and musical performers.


My main inspiration for this specific exhibit was life itself. As we go through the journey that is life, we imagine a perfect plan, a plan that will lead us to a final destination filled with all those things we want to achieve by the end of our lives, that will help us become that ideal self we have all created in our minds. But in reality, as we journey through life, not everything we do goes according to plan –sometimes we trip, sometimes we fall, sometimes we take a detour. All of these mishaps frustrate us and, too often, bring us down.


The goal of this exhibition is to remind everyone that life is not about the end goal. It is about enjoying the journey. The piece features balloons filled with happy thoughts of loved ones, memories of incredible times together, and even imagined positive scenarios of things we want in our lives, in an effort to inspire everyone who may feel down at any point in their lives to dwell on these positive thoughts and hang on to them as though they were balloons – because Happy Thoughts, as balloons would, have the power to lift us up.

7 Balloons

These are the seven balloons that were hanging on the ceiling, which represent the 7 stars of the Venezuelan flag. They also represent basics humans needs, like motherhood, health, resting, friendship, freedom, love, and feeling accomplished.

– because Happy Thoughts, as balloons would, have the power to lift us up.


View 360 video

"Alejandra Camargo’s installation has personal connections to her origins and her personal identity. View the 360 videos above to see the graphic designers' interactive installation. You’ll also learn what she hopes that you’ll take away from the work."
Hady Mawajdeh and Dane Walters
Art And Seek


Array at SOLUNA Festival 

Array was a multisensory art experience, with visual art installations and musical performers.

Musical lineup included Cure for Paranoia, Zhora, Jacob Banks with Dallas Neo-Classical Ballet, Kaleo with Booker T. Washington High School Gospel Choir, Nas with Members of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, and Big Gigantic with the Dallas Mavericks Drumline. Art installations include pieces like Good Way Off by Sheryl Anaya, Happy Thoughts by Alejandra Camargo, Life Support by Jeremy McKane, and more.

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