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Happy Trail

Wellness: "is the quality or state of being in good health especially as an actively sought goal”. Merriam-Webster
This definition was a key part of the concept development given that psychologically humans associate goals and progress with movement from left to right and from down to up, that is why I wanted to come up with a mural that took these elements into consideration, that took the eyes of the beholders on a path of growth from the bottom left corner to the upper right corner; that showed how an idea can fill you with energy and take you in a road of progress towards that final goal you want to achieve, to always end on a positive high note.


Inspired by the therapy side of Utopia, you can talk to people there and they help you also with that. I was thinking of a famous psychologist:

Speaking about the “road of progress”, Carl Rogers, a famous psychologist, developed an interesting theory of personality that stated that humans project an ideal version of themselves in their heads, that ideal version was known as your “ideal-self”, an image so powerful that basically controlled your decision-making process and the actions that you took in a constant effort to try to close the gap from your “real-self” and your ideal image.

This mural wants to push people into creating their best version of their ideal self, and at the same time gives them the energy so that they can achieve their goals and turn into that idyllic image.


This idea perfectly matched the concept of my art “The Energy of Happiness”, as I believe that in order to live a happy life you need to find those thoughts that take you into action, that transform your life, from what you eat to what you do. The final objective of this piece is to try to fill those that observe it with positive energy, that pushes them to keep going on the long road that is living a healthy life, to lift them into a positive lifestyle that fills them with joy.

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