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Ten designers from various offices, within the agency, were chosen to develop concepts for the new Publicis Hawkeye website. I was among the selected designers and my concept made it to the final two. Although my concept was not ultimately chosen, it was a close call. The chosen concept belonged to my Associate Creative Director and manager, and I was fully supportive and collaborated with him to bring the chosen idea to life.



The Task

The task at hand was to present visual concepts for the homepage, utilizing expertise in both UX and UI design. The homepage needed to introduce the new combined agency brand identity and provide a brief overview of our process and offerings, including agency work samples, client logos, and a contact form for more information about Hawkeye.

Role: Senior Art Director, UX/UI Design, animation, and prototype.

The Visual Concept

I have created a look and feel inspired by Hawkeye Agency's theme of "Connection Designed to Matter". My goal was to create something that represented data, people, and connections while remaining modular and flexible. 

2-FRAME Transform.jpg
Animation of the menu
Animation of the website
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