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Microsoft successfully launched the AI Business School (AIBS) to over a Million participants, providing over 55 hours of training, video, and education. Now, they want to create a self-contained experience aimed at executive decision-makers, not developers.

Problem: Design a highly telegraphic and engaging experience to help executive decision-makers understand the impact of AI on their specific business challenges, and assist them in understanding exactly what it would take to execute a successful initiative to integrate AI across the organization.

Role: Senior Art Direction, UX.

Team:  Aaron Schneider, Jessica Keller, Alex Pierce, Sara Davis, Ian Beacraft, Marc Squiers, Erik Johnson. 


While AI topics are interconnected, there are ways to focus attention on certain aspects. ​

This is a step forward from the AI Business School design language.​

Sphere elements hover and move on independent planes/axis and then shift on rollover.​

But the elements are never solely contained because they all influence one another.

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