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Microsoft successfully launched the AI Business School (AIBS) to over a Million participants, providing over 55 hours of training, video, and education. Now, they want to create a self-contained experience aimed at executive decision-makers, not developers.

Problem: Design a highly telegraphic and engaging experience to help executive decision makers understand the impact of AI for their specific business challenges, and assist them in understand exactly what it would take to execute a successful initiative to integrate AI across the organization.

Role: Senior Art Direction, UX.

Team:  Aaron Schneider, Jessica Keller, Alex Pierce, Sara Davis, Ian Beacraft, Marc Squiers, Erik Johnson. 


While AI topics are interconnected, there are ways to focus attention on certain aspects. ​

This is a step forward from the AI Business School design language.​

Sphere elements hover and move on independent planes/axis and then shift on rollover.​

But the elements are never solely contained because they all influence one another.