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We used an agile process, first understanding the current experience and using those findings on whiteboard sessions with the team, sketching rough wires, and after that starting design and prototypes.

Role: Senior Art Director, UX/UI Design, animation, and prototype.

Team: Alex Pierce CD Lead, Rani Davis Project Manager, Matt Emrick Developer, Patrick Hook UX.

The U.S. Figure Skating organization oversees hundreds of competitive events each year, at every level, and throughout the country. To manage the logistics of these events—and the skaters, coaches, officials, and volunteers who participate—US Figure Skating relies on a web-based Event Management System (EMS). This EMS gives their users the ability to manage a variety of items (registration, reserving ice time, ecommerce, editing music, etc).

The original EMS experience was built exclusively for desktop, which can be a problem for people needing quick, easy mobile access for information updates  and making changes on-site. The challenge for the Hawkeye digital team was to develop and re-design the entire portal experience from the ground-up to be mobile first, improving processes, performance, and visual design/branding.

Since launch there has been overwhelming positive feedback with fewer user errors and requests for support, positive press from industry trades, and increased scope of work.

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Teams Check In


Volunteer Portal

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US Figure Skating reports fewer user errors and requests for support.

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Our relationship with USFS has been very successful, with great results and feedback.

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Overwhelming positive feedback from both clients

and ultimately customers

Positive press, featured in trade publication U.S. Skating magazine