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The U.S. Figure Skating organization relies on its web-based Event Management System (EMS) to manage logistics for the hundreds of competitive events it runs each year, with users managing a variety of items including registration, reserving ice time, and more.



Role: Senior Art Director, UX/UI Design, animation, and prototype.

Team: Alex Pierce Creative Director,  Matt Emrick Developer, Patrick Hook UX , Rani Davis Project Manager.

The Task

The EMS was built initially exclusively for desktops, making mobile access difficult, we were tasked with redeveloping and redesigning the portal into a responsive platform that would be usable on any device - focusing on building as a mobile-first system.


We employed an agile process, first understanding the current user experience, and using those findings in whiteboard sessions with the team. We then moved on to sketching rough wires, before beginning the design and prototype phase.

Current experience research: The client walked us through the current portal, explaining how it works and what did not work. We recorded the meetings, took notes, re-watched the recordings, and returned with questions to ensure we fully understood everything.

UX Design and Wireframe: The team conducted user experience analysis and whiteboarded the user flow to find the best design solutions. I, along with the UX designer, wireframed the experiences and presented them to our creative director and developer.


Since launch, we've received overwhelming positive feedback, with fewer user errors and requests for support. The product or service has also received positive press from industry trades and the scope of work has increased.

UI Design: As the lead designer on the project, I was responsible for developing the interface. I took wireframes and carefully considered all aspects of the layout, including responsiveness, typography, font sizes, color, and accessibility.

Prototype: I used Invision for prototyping and Adobe Animate for animations. The prototype process helped us to validate design decisions and improve user experience. We did some testing within the agency due to lack of budget for user testing.


Team Registration's user flow

Screenshot 2023-01-18 at 10.28.10 PM.png

Team Registration

Team and competition selection / Event selection / Team verification / Edit roster

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